3 Most Romantic Anime on Netflix UK (2021)

Anime and manga have the means to create something extraordinary out of the everyday – and when you apply that magic to the romance genre, sparks fly, eyes light up, and hearts soar. Romance literature and entertainment is as old as time. The feelings of love inspired everything from the carvings on cave walls and park benches to the Mona Lisa. Although anime is fairly recent compared to cavemen scratching their sweethearts’ portraits into stone, the feelings are the same.

Here is our list of the top 3 romantic movies on UK Netflix right now.

3. The Seven Deadly Sins

In many anime TV series, you will find many characters, only a few of which are properly developed. The Sins, of the Seven Deadly Sins, are deeply thought out characters that really show how profound relationships and romance can be when your characters are not two dimensional tropes.

One of the most intense relationships in the show is between Ban and Elaine, which involves undying love across the void being shattered by a core betrayal. As the anime continues to develop, so do the relationships between all of the characters.

2. Your Name

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By far the most romantic mixed-timelines movie created this side of the millennium. The lives of a boy and a girl are inexplicably intertwined, as they work to save each other from loneliness, stagnation, and utter destruction, without actually meeting, only living each other’s lives every so often. The score and direction are both profoundly beautiful, definitely not one to miss.

If you actually know the name of your lover, maybe you can find out if you have a romance stronger than those on the list using our FLAMES love calculator!

1. Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April - top romantic movie.

Topping the list for all the right reasons is almost every romantic anime fan’s favourite film. So popular that it may eventually become the top-rated romantic film of all time (bye bye Titanic).

Kousei Arima suffers a tragedy in his family, which prevents him from being able to hear his piano, and so lose one of his precious gifts. He then meets a skilled violinist – Kaori Miyazono – which begins an emotional rollercoaster leading to our protagonist coming out of his shell. Unsurprisingly, the score for this film is insanely good, and if you’re looking for a reason to believe in love again, give this movie a watch.

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