Top 10 Romantic Christmas Date Ideas

Here are 10 ideas to make this a Winter of Love full of Christmas date nights!

Romantic Christmas date ideas.

Decorate the Tree

What could be more Christmassy than wrapping tinsel around a tree? What could be more romantic than folding your arms around your partner after a job well done? I recommend going extra Xmas and breaking out the woolly Christmas jumpers, snacking on some Christmas chocolate and mercilessly teasing each other about what gifts will be exchanged in a few short weeks.

Decorate the tree together

Obviously, a nice cup of hot chocolate and a Christmas movie are required after the tree is up and sparkling, to cement the mood.

Want to take it to the next level? Get your troublemaking boots on and go decorate some public trees with your unused decorations. Spread some cheer, anonymously. And remember, nothing bonds a couple closer together than a shared secret.

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Home Alone Each Other

Hear me out – Home Alone is an amazing Christmas movie, if only because it leads to the most ridiculous indoor date ever. Set some ‘booby traps’ for your other half, and laugh as they (knowingly or otherwise) attempt to reach you.

Will you lay out a series of confusing, circular messages? Will you have a minefield of candles to overcome? Maybe there will be a series of laser-like ribbons crisscrossing the bedroom door. Regardless, this date will satisfy all sides of the intruder fantasy, no matter who comes out on top.

Cover the floor with candles!

Decorate Each Other

We dress up the tree to make it pretty, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress up things that are already nice to look at. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to undress and be wrapped in tinsel and lights. Perhaps not the warmest outfit, but it would definitely make for some interesting photos to stumble upon in June!

Christmas date idea number three - forget the presents, wrap each other.

Have a Freezer Feast

Even if you’re only making a Christmas dinner for the two of you, you’ll still need a fair amount of fridge and freezer space. Why not put all that forgotten frozen food to good use, and cook it all at once for a gluttonous feast? All in the name of clearing out space! It’s the most romantic form of Winter Spring cleaning, trust me.

If filling up on snack platters isn’t your style, making extra space by cooking a nice romantic meal is always a good option.

Buying and Wrapping Presents Together

Whether your friend circles overlap or not, sitting down and helping each other wrap gifts is a great way to bond over the holidays. Christmas is a time of love, and participating in the ritual of gift giving together helps to kindle the romantic love between you. At the very least, you can catch up on all the latest happenings between your partner and their friends, bringing you closer into their life and heart.

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating has dominated the romantic winter activity genre for a long time, and it is no wonder why. It is the perfect Christmas date idea. If you can’t skate, then not only will you have something to learn together, but the shared embarrassment will undoubtedly bring you closer together. And not just because you’ll be crashing into each other a lot. If you’re good skaters, you can have your own romantic figure-skating-style moves, dodging in and out of any other groups on the rink.

Christmas Cocktails

This one is a fun one. And not just because you get another excuse to get sozzled.

Pull those cinnamon sticks out from the back of your cupboard, find an orange to peel, and dust off those Martini glasses you got as a gift last year. Experiment with different combinations of alcohol, flavours, and presentation to create your perfect cocktail menu. It’s true that alcohol reduces our inhibitions, so make the most of it while you’re with someone you love.

Bonus: if you keep track of your cocktails, you can break them out for your next Christmas party!

Make yourselves some Christmassy cocktails on date night!

Take an Evening Walk

Perhaps a bit tame in comparison so downing glasses upon glasses of newly discovered cocktails, but probably a bit more romantic. Especially if you can get out during the snow.

Wrap up warm and go explore your neighbourhood (and beyond). Check out all the different Christmas lights illuminating the night, bundle up together for warmth, and enjoy the way the falling snow makes even the outdoors feel close and cosy. If you break out into a snowball fight, nobody will blame you. In fact, this is likely the most romantic form of fighting, with the possible contender being one with pillows.

Future Christmas

Write each other ridiculously long and cheesy Christmas cards, and maybe even wrap presents, to be opened in a year from now. You’ll have to sit on it for a while, and it will be the source of much intrigue over the year, but from start to finish this activity will be fun and romantic, and may help carry the Christmas spirit throughout the year!

Forget It’s Christmas

Take a break from Winter! Have a spa day, rent a lonely cottage, take a weekend somewhere warm and sunny – banish that seasonal affective disorder and replace it with some sweet Vitamin D!

Is this really a Christmas date idea? Sometimes the relentless Christmas music and flashing lights can start to get on our nerves. Sharing a relaxing break with your partner away from all the hustle, bustle, wrapping and mistletoe-trapping can be a great way to keep romance levels high during the winter.

Even Santa needs a Christmas break.

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