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Flames Calculator

Enter your names into the FLAMES calculator below to find out your future! The Flames name game calculator will check your compatibility in no time!

How Does the Flames Calculator Work?

The FLAMES love calculator used the names of both parties to tell their future together! It’s a fun little party game that you can do with any two names (and if you don’t like the outcome, use full names, nicknames – anything to fudge the results!).

It works by counting the letters each name has in common, by tokens not types. So, for example, Baby and Johnny have 2 letters in common – the ys. Once we find out how many letters the name have in common, we count along FLAMES letter by letter. The second letter along is L, so Baby and Johnny will fall in love. As they do so magically.

Why not try some other examples? (click to get results)

But Does It Actually Work?

Of course not. If you want to try something more in depth – have a go at the love calculator.

But if you really want to check your compatibility – have a good, open, and honest conversation about something important to you both.

Note: Romance Online and the Flames name game calculator do not store any of your data. 

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