How To Make Him Miss You In 5 Easy Steps

You’re thinking about him, but is he thinking about you? Follow these tips to guarantee you’ll be on his mind at all times, and make him miss you like crazy.

Make him miss you all day long!

Be Everywhere.

You don’t need superhuman powers to be with your partner 24/7 – in fact, that is definitely not healthy. Everybody needs some time alone. And if you’re right there next to him, how would he have time to miss you? If you really want to make him miss you, put a little bit of yourself into every bit of his life.

This is easier than you think. Subtly encourage him to change his phone wallpaper to  picture of you both. “Accidentally” leave things behind, especially if they have a romantic or nostalgic meaning. Post on social media about the interesting things you’re up to, and make him want to be there with you!

If you’re really into him, you can follow these easy tips on how to be more romantic – things like leaving secret notes in his pockets, writing on his mirror after a shower, or putting a snack with his name on it in his fridge. Even if you are distracted when he finds it, to him it will seem as if you’re thinking about him all the time!

Be Nowhere

Is that a contradiction? Possibly, but it’s good advice! Men love a chase, a challenge, a hunt. Maybe it is an animal instinct left over from our evolutionary past, or maybe attaining something unattainable is the purest form of satisfaction – either way, playing hard to get is a clichéd strategy for a reason. It might be hard, but you have to pull back. That means:

  • No texting
  • No calling
  • No waiting for him

The last one is important! Don’t sit around waiting to see if he misses you enough to break the silence himself. Go and do something! Get busy, demonstrate your value, generate interesting anecdotes by getting out and doing something more exciting than waiting for him to text you. He will miss you like mad, and even if he doesn’t text, at least you’ll be having fun.

Be mysterious

This doesn’t mean make every conversation a cliffhanger, and it doesn’t mean become distant when you start sharing important feelings or information. It means keep them interested by holding a few details back about the less important things – like what gift you have waiting for him, or what you will be wearing, or what recipe you’re going to make him help you with.

If you want to make him miss you, you have to give him a reason to have the next date at the front of his brain! There is no better way to do it than to have him keep guessing what is coming – so try to keep something in reserve for each date, and keep hinting at it. Just, you know, make sure it isn’t always the same thing. Variety is the spice of life and all that!

Try new things with him

Put your bucket lists together, mash up some of the activities and start making memories. The first time you do something will always leave a powerful memory, and nostalgia is one of the strongest human emotions. Even if the new things go wrong, the powerful memories will still make him miss you. Even better if you can get a souvenir of your new memory and leave it in a prominent place, so you both can see it often, and be reminded of each other.

Make him miss you by trying new things!

Just remember to be open-minded about everything, even if it scares you. Being brave – or at least creating a funny spectacle! – will keep him missing you for ages. Especially if it is funny, everybody loves to laugh. So don’t be too embarrassed if he asks you to go cave diving or mountain climbing, give it your best shot and give him hundreds of reasons to want to hang out more and more often.

Be Yourself To Make Him Miss You

More clichéd advice! The best way to make him miss you, is to be yourself. He started liking you for a reason, so be that reason to make him like you. Be your best self, practice good romantic hygiene, and keep him interested by being interesting! It can be tempting to fall into lazier routines when you’ve snared a good man – less adventure, more TV – but it is important to keep growing as a person. You cannot grow as a couple if one partner stunts their own growth by being too complacent.

Maybe take a step back and put yourself in his shoes. What would make him miss you? Well, he did always like when you did XYZ, maybe you should try that. Did he laugh when you told him about ZYX? Maybe you can start a new adventure, and get a new story to make him laugh. And if you can keep him laughing, keep him loving you, and keep him interested in what you have to say, then there is no doubt he will keep missing you!

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