How To Make A Romantic Nest at Home

Making Your Room Into a Romantic Nest

It’s okay to admit – sometimes you just aren’t feeling those romantic vibes. We aren’t placing any blame on your partner, or yourself. You’ve had a rough day, the neighbours are making all kinds of noise, you can’t get that work project out of your mind… it can be difficult to get yourself in the romantic mood when so much is going on. Luckily, there are some easy changes you can make to your home, to make that mood ever so much easier to find! Start building your love nest today!


Have you ever been to a restaurant and felt satisfied before the food had even arrived? Good restaurants cater to every sense, including your sense of satisfaction. Good-looking décor, appropriate music, the sights and smells of a nice environment make that coming feast more enjoyable. Let’s do the same thing for you home.

Candles can help brighten up your mood by dimming the room.

Candles are perhaps the least expensive romantic idea for your home. There is just something about them that screams romance. If you throw the scent of a nice candle into the mix, you’re ready for many exciting nights to come. Not only can we hide our imperfections in the flicker of the candle flame, but we can hide our impulses to check our notifications and social media. As the lights come down we can bring our focus to our partner – let the main source of electricity in your room be the romantic spark between the two of you.

Lighting Your Romantic Nest

Indirect lighting is the right way to go in making your cosy love nest ready to handle proper romance. Use darker lampshades, point your bulbs away, dim the lights and keep that sexy atmosphere.

Fairy lights are a nice way to make any room cosy. If you’re looking for some extra glow to go with that after-glow, stringing some soft fairy lights over the ceiling, shelves or even the bed can bring an atmosphere of contentment and relaxation to the evening. They also seem to intensify any romantic endeavour, but maybe I just have a thing for the holidays.

Fairy lights make any room cosier.

But don’t forget about the sun. Romance isn’t just for the night time, and a good way to keep that hot ball of gas from ruining the mood is to get some sheer curtains to soften the light. Choose the right colours and they’ll even help you get the mood right in the evenings!

Soft Sheets

The wrong bedsheets can play havoc with your romantic plans. When you’re all wrapped up in each other’s arms, untangling limbs just to get at that scratch can really interrupt romance time. Even in the Winter, you can’t hold on to each other for more than a few hours without overheating. In the Summer? Bad bedsheets and romantic endeavours could make the sun blush.

Get yourselves some soft, luxurious cotton sheets – or spring for some silk sheets for that extra touch of romance. The high thread count will help you melt into your partner without fear of starting a fire! And of course, you’ll want to invest in the right sheets, as you may soon be spending much more time on them…

Blankets and Pillows

Good sheets are all well and good, but if that duvet is keeping you too warm, what could be better than a lovely soft blanket against your skin? Light, fluffy, and flexible, a blanket can do wonders for maintaining that romantic mood. And they’re so portable, for when you want to take that romance elsewhere (and not freeze!).

Soft blankets are the ultimate romantic luxury!

Moreover, nice looking sheets draped over a sofa, on the bed, or even heaped up on some comfy chairs just make your romantic nest that much more inviting. If blankets aren’t your thing, stock up on some nice cushions and pillows. They’re great for adding a cosy touch to any room, and can also be used as support during… activities….

Rugs and Carpeting

Things are heating up, you’re both in the zone – you suddenly need to grab something from your drawers. Putting your feet down on the cold, hard floor can really interrupt your flow. Having some soft rugs for your feet to luxuriously dip into as you manoeuvre about the room will help you keep the romance alive.

Music and Sound

This is a quick tip that makes such a difference – get some sound diffusers! Rugs, carpets, blankets will all help minimise any cold echoes bouncing around your space. Adding some nice art on the walls, with some old towels layered up behind it, for example, can help absorb the sound, increasing the perceived warmth of the area. Try it!

Romantic Hygiene

I don’t mean washing your bits before and after, this is a concept similar to sleep hygiene. If you want a love nest that oozes romance – a room where one step inside is all it takes for your clothes to start falling off – practicing good romantic hygiene is key. We’ve got a whole article about romantic hygiene, but the basics are as follows: be ready, be willing, and be consistent!

Enjoy your romantic love nest, and find time to keep adding to it as your romance develops!

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