The Love Calculator

The Love Calculator

Enter as much information as you want to find out your compatibility. The more information you write in, the more accurate the result!

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The love calculator uses different metrics about the two participants to determine their compatibility, given as a percentage out of 100, using incredibly detailed algorithms that will ultimately lead to being assigned a perfect partner by an all-knowing AI.

Well, it’s mostly just nonsense.

The calculator takes each letter of your name and assigns a value based on the half-life of the pseudo-cosmic antimatter according to the universal elemental alphabet. It also works with numbers and symbols – you’re welcome X Æ A-12.

The birthdates are digified and compared to the numerological table of destiny to check the associated lucky letters. If any are in your combined names, you’re in luck!

We check the height based on the ideal ratio of 1.09. If the difference is too high, or too small, the number drops.

Good eye colour combinations score points, but you won’t lose any for not having the right eye colours!

Of course not. If you want to try something more fun – try the FLAMES calculator.

But if you really want to check your compatibility – have a good, open, and honest conversation about something important to you both.

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